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We understand that life science research, development and manufacturing need more than just basic procurement services - they need a partner who understands their unique needs and can work closely with them to achieve their business goals. That's why we consciously build reliable relationships with end users. By working directly with scientists, we can better understand their needs and provide tailored purchasing solutions that help with their journey to success.

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    We understand the importance of optimizing and driving cost efficiencies without compromising the pace of progress in the biotech environment. Our team employs best practice and risk management protocols to safeguard transactions as we process orders and new suppliers, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and minimizing potential pitfalls in the procurement and payment lifecycle, ensuring a seamless and optimized process from sourcing to settlement.

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    Our team is structured to offer coverage with supervisory oversight built within our daily routine. We understand that unexpected events can occur, which is why we offer full coverage for every client. This means that if a buyer is unavailable, you can still count on us to provide the procurement services you need. Whether you need help with purchasing or consulting, we're here to ensure that your business runs smoothly, even during unexpected circumstances.

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    Our niche is providing research & development biotech start-ups with a full-service purchasing team on day one. Whether you are setting up in an incubation lab, sharing space temporarily with another company or signing the lease for your new location, we are ready to meet you where you are at. We can help you determine the most efficient way to scale up and offer the tools you'll need to outfit your office and lab space.

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